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Leading Salon Marketing Services

Here are some strategies a salon marketing agency might use to help a business capture more of the market share.

Return On Investment

One of the essential indicators of the health of a business is the return on investment, ROI, value. The value indicates how efficient a firm is in utilizing a given set of resources to generate revenue.

Optimize your Spa business

Optimizing your spa business is quite simple when you follow each of the six steps below. These six steps allow you to build a business you are proud of, to support your staff, and to often bring customers back to your location.

Slow growth economic conditions

The essential goals that the small business owners need to put first are the growth and the expansion of the business.

Amazing space

Indulge in an atmosphere of total luxury and relaxation in our beautiful spa center.


What Makes Us Different?

Delightful Ambience

The ambience here is quite proficient and will make you feel ravishing as soon as you enter. The freshness and purity of the salon will bring nothing but relaxation to your mind and soul.

Quality Products Used

We make sure to use only superior quality material for our customers. Your health and beauty is very precious for us and when you are with us, you are in the right hands, this we guarantee!

Our priority: Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is what we work for. We ensure that you leave our salon with satisfaction in your heart and a smile on your face. You take our service once and you will never get over us.

We welcome Criticism

Criticism will only help us grow! Therefore, we welcome criticism from the client’s side. Although we would like you to try your best for it because we won’t be giving you any chance to complain. Promise.

Importance of online reviews in 2017

The opinion that customers leave through their comments, criticisms or evaluations about an experience or a product on the Internet has a very powerful effect on the behavior of other users, to such an extent that it can become the decisive factor when it comes to choosing a certain company. Today in Status Advertising and Marketing we analyze the importance of online reviews.

The importance of online reviews in 2017

More and more people are looking for information about the experience that other users have had when buying products or contracting the services of companies on the Internet. What is the reason for this evolution in consumer behavior? Why have reviews become an essential element in the decision-making process? We will try to answer both questions in a simple way.

We are facing an increasingly demanding customer, who also has a wide range of options to choose from. Regarding the importance of online reviews , both on the website and on Facebook or Google Plus, we must highlight the fundamental role they play in the decision-making process. The key is that on the Internet we do not usually deal personally with the seller nor can we see or touch the products, so, to make up for these deficiencies, what we do is take a look at the opinions made by other users.

Positive and negative reviews

It is clear that positive ratings will make the user trust the company, but what happens if negative reviews are given? You have to be aware of two things: on the one hand, perfection does not exist and on the other, you cannot like everyone. In these cases the importance of negative online reviews lies in learning from them and knowing how to manage them, giving them a quick response and offering solutions, whenever possible. Remember that empathy and good education are fundamental. The rest of the users will see that you try hard and that you take customer service seriously.

Encourage your clients to write a review

Now that you know the importance of online reviews encourages your customers to leave their assessment, opinion or comments on your website or social networks. Do not be afraid of criticism and try to get the maximum information from them: your strengths or aspects that you should improve, for example.

Most customers will not leave a review on the Google My Business listing of the firm on their own initiative. This does not imply that they do not want to do it, it is simply something that is not going to happen in their head because surely they are not aware of what they can or should do.

Therefore, it is very important that the lawyer has a proactive role when requesting satisfied customers to leave a review about the office.

Although it may seem a nuisance, the truth is that most customers, if they have been satisfied and grateful for the service provided, will have no problem doing so. So my clear recommendation for every lawyer is this: convince your satisfied customers to leave a review of your services in Google My Business.