Oploo | 6 Smart Tricks to successfully optimize your Spa business
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6 Smart Tricks to successfully optimize your Spa business

6 Smart Tricks to successfully optimize your Spa business

Six Simple Ways To Optimize Your Spa Business

Optimizing your spa business is quite simple when you follow each of the six steps below. These six steps allow you to build a business you are proud of, to support your staff, and to often bring customers back to your location. Loyal customers help you make more money, and they spread the word about your business on their own.

#1: Flexible Pricing

Flexible pricing is a key factor because you must show your customers that you are willing to accommodate them. Customers who see fixed prices get nervous because they do not want to spend too much money. If you give them a la carte options, you are more likely to see your customers return.

#2: What Is Your Best Seller?

Your best selling treatment must be pushed very hard so that all your customers have tried it. Your best seller is popular for a reason, and you may easily show other people that they need the same treatment. Converting customers is much simpler when you use your best selling treatment. In the future, you may choose to convert customers to other treatments that, in turn, help you earn more money.

#3: Customer Discount Hours

Customer discount hours or happy hours are important part of your overall business plan, and no one would suggest you have these hours every day. Do ‘Friday Happy Hour’ for all your customers where they flood your business for discounts, and you get the chance to sell them new products for a future date. They may need to come back very soon, and you have more appointments in the books. If customers cannot get in during the happy hour, they often come the next day.

#4: Remove Ineffective Treatments

Ineffective treatments must be removed from the menu as soon as possible. If no one is buying a treatment, you must replace them with something else. Ensure that your customers are in love with everything you offer. You are wasting time and energy on a treatment that no one buys, and you are throwing away money on the supplies for that treatment. Your time is much better spent on the few treatments you know will sell.

#5: Allow For Dynamic Scheduling

Dynamic scheduling is the most important part of your business because you have many stylists and employees who have clients coming in. You cannot force your staff to be in the salon when you want them there. It is best that you allow your staff to make their own schedules, and you may ask them to add some time on either end of their schedule. You, as the manager, must be in the building most of the day, and your staff comes and goes as their schedule dictates.

It is much easier to keep the spa busy when your staff makes their own appointments. Of course, you may have someone answering the phone. All appointments taken by phone may be offered to people who are at work that day. Dynamic scheduling allows your staff to take new clients, and they build their client base without confusion.

#6: Innovate

You must innovate in your spa in ways that help your customers receive the best service. You need a central scheduling system that everyone uses. You must purchase all natural products to use with each client, and you must invest in new devices and technology. If you have come across a new laser hair removal system, you must invest in it. If you have found a painless wax, you must try it.

Hair products and skincare treatments may be purchased in bulk, and you may choose to sell these products to your clients when they are checking out. Innovating in your salon requires forward thinking. You must be the first spa in the area to do certain treatments, and you must carry products no one else carries.

#7: Keep Changing

In conclusion, you must keep changing every day. Modernize your spa every day with many different products and services for your clients. Your staff needs a new scheduling system, and they must be given freedom to set their own schedules. Your life is much easier when using new products and services to manage the spa.

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